Services Offered

Audio/Podcast Editing, Mixing, and Mastering

Songwriting, Arranging, and Composition

Remote recording (Guitar, Electric Bass, Piano, Programmed Drums)


I do various studio related work from my humble home studio in Brooklyn, NY. Being a guitar player for over a decade, I'm constantly on the search for the best tone, whether it be from my guitar acoustically, the amp, or through microphones into my DAW. I offer remote recordings, arranging, and composition, and mixing/mastering services.

I'm experienced with genres from: Jazz, improvised music, rock, singer-songwriter, folk, indie, and more 

All tracks mixed, and mastered by me. 

As a musician myself, I have the experience playing with live bands, composing music, a wealth of knowledge in music theory, and more. When working with me, you’ll get the unique experience of working with a fellow regularly gigging musician and a mutual respect of creativity. When mixing, I cater more to the arrangement and flow of the song, in addition to the emotion reactions more than the technical details.  

I work with projects of all sizes and my rates are extremely flexible.         

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