Impressions of Ambiance

Impressions of Ambiance is an idea I had for a solo guitar project that stemmed from my polyphonic explorations on the guitar, my love for: simple yet emotional melodies, improvisation, and big reverbs that sound like a wet cave.  

 Each video is a fully improvised tune with no prior planning, I click record and start playing. The final product is also the first draft.  

Part of this project is a challenge to myself as a musician to see if I'm playing things I'm genuinely hearing and not musical acrobatics.

Loving and Losing Suite

Here's a five movement suite I composed in January 2019 while living in Boston, MA. The suite is a conceptual piece of music which deals with heartbreak and loss, with a continuous pulsating "heartbeat" 

I. Rift

II. Strife 

III. Acceptance

IV. The Last Stand

V. Death Breach Lullaby 

The Reveries Suite

This suite has not yet been fully recorded due to COVID19, but loosely based on Jean-Jaques Rousseau's book entitled "The Reveries of a Solitary Walker" which were a reflection of his life and the hardships he endured. 

I. The Tolls

II. The Reveries

III. The Regrets

IV. The Labrynth 

V. The Revelations

Epilogue - Bloom

Peace in Pieces

Peace in Pieces is an improvisation based project that comes from Wayne Shorter's concept of Zero Gravity. The group is presented with short themes I've written and the idea is to start from anywhere, and eventually arrive at themes. I like to think of the themes as different planets with different gravitational pulls, where some themes have a stronger pull than others which would cause the musicians to linger on one theme or another, quickly depart from themes, or not even address the theme at all. 

The idea of Peace in Pieces is that moments of peace are always fleeting, and there will always be conflict in strife (in the world and musically), but the brief moments of peace give us the courage and the hope to make it to next piece of peace.